Toncoin Mining Pool
PPLNS mining with open source client.
Pool comission: 0%.
Withdrawal comission: 0 toncoin until blockchain transaction fee reachs 0.01 toncoin.
Pool payouts: automatic after reaching 2.5 toncoin on balance, daily, after 12:00 GMT+3.

TON Coin Pool wallet (for givers rewards): EQCUp88072pLUGNQCXXXDFJM3C5v9GXTjV7ou33Mj3r0Xv2W
TON Coin Pool Withdrawal wallet (for payouts): EQAW6gzsWc-zqY7Z9rquxxeOA4Y6QMB09skcBXDnnuL3EK8L
TON Coin Pool Foundation wallet (for pool's revenue): EQCz4NlftqOJlDZFerutRjy8bpDuNkLuLFn9pHsnK-mfXuZ0

Pool is making donations to TON Foundation in the amount of 25% of the pool's profit.
81.54 TH/s
Pool hashrate
~0.3054 TON Coins
Daily profitability per 1.00 GH/s
28.29 PH
Mean network difficulty
Miners online
16 minutes ago
Last challenge solved
Current block seqno